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Physical Chemistry in Living Systems

Meredith Triplet

Graduate Student - Department of Chemistry

e-mail: mtriplet (at)


BS Biochemistry and Mathematics, Wheaton College, May 2012

Peter Walhout lab


PhD Physical Chemistry, UC Berkeley, August 2017

Jay Groves lab


Personal statement: My graduate school research focused on the kinetics of GTPase activation by GEFs on supported lipid bilayers and in live cells. My research has placed a special emphasis on the activation of a common oncogene known as Ras, and its interactions with the protein SOS. I have focused on developing a new technique to explore this interaction at the resolution of single activation events, as well as discovering the mechanism for a small molecule drug that targets the binding site between these proteins. Additionally, I have explored how oncogenic Ras mutations impact the Ras/SOS interaction in conjunction with an undergraduate researcher. Finally, I have explored the regulation of membrane binding for Arf and its GEF ARNO, another membrane-binding signaling protein that functions in lipid morphology and trafficking.


I have also been involved in science outreach throughout gradschool, and my volunteerism was highlighted here.




Nat. Struct. Molec. Biol. 2016, 23, 9: 838-846: “One-way membrane trafficking of SOS in receptor-triggered Ras activation”, Sune M. Christensen, Hsiung-Lin Tu, Jesse Jun, Steven Alvarez, Meredith Triplet, Jeffrey S. Iwig, Kamlesh Yadav, Dafna Bar-Sagi, Jeroen P. Roose*, and Jay T. Groves*.


Nano Letters. 2016, 16, 2890-2895: "Monitoring the waiting time sequence of single Ras GTPase activation events using liposome functionalized zero-mode waveguides". Sune M. Christensen, Meredith G. Triplet, Christopher Rhodes, Jeffrey S. Iwig, Hsiung-Lin Tu, Dimitrios Stamou, and Jay T. Groves*.



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